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Based in North Carolina, USA

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Feb 18, 2016

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Ever forgot how old that casserole is in your fridge? Is that pizza from this week or last week? Wonder no more! Minimize wasted food with Fridge Tracker! Simply enter your leftovers or perishable food items and their expiration date into the app and Fridge Tracker will remind you to use everything before it goes bad.


Designed and developed in 6 weeks, Fridge Tracker was programmed entirely in Swift, and uses Realm as its underlying database technology.


  • Add an unlimited number* of food items like milk, eggs and other perishables to Fridge Tracker so you know what items need to be used first! (* We seriously mean an unlimited number of items; thousands of items can be put into Fridge Tracker (though that would take a really large fridge))
  • The app supports emoji in item descriptions, so feel free to mark your pizza leftovers with a pizza emoji :)!
  • Slide left on an item in its list to be able to Edit an Item, or Delete it when you've used it
  • You can also track the Amount of an item you have; 6 slices of pizza? A dozen eggs? Let Fridge Tracker keep track for you! And you can easily update the Amount as you use an item.
  • Turn on notifications to be reminded about expiring leftovers and food items, and also turn on a daily reminder to enter new leftovers into the app!
  • Adjust the time of Expiring Food Notifications and New Leftover Reminders so you're reminded when it's most convenient for you!
  • Use Quick Actions with 3D Touch to be able to quickly enter a new Leftover or a new Food Item (available on iPhone 6S® & iPhone 6S Plus®)


There are currently no trailers available for Fridge Tracker. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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About Nacelle Games, LLC

Nacelle Games, LLC is an independent game studio in North Carolina that is Making The Games We Want To Play.

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Fridge Tracker Credits

Carrie Daley
Design & Programming; Nacelle Games, LLC

Jonathan Daley
Programming; Nacelle Games, LLC

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