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Based in North Carolina, USA

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Q1 2017

Steam Early Access PC


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A mashup between the best of Toy Story and Mario Kart, Rose Racer brings fun and exciting racing while also giving you lovable characters and their stories! Have you ever wondered what happens to a house left quiet all day long; where toys, toy cars and race tracks are left unattended? You’ll find the answer with Rose Racer! Rose Racer is an arcade racing game for PC, inspired by classic kart racing games of the 1990’s. In the game you can choose from 6 different characters, each with their own individual cars. The game will have 6 race tracks when it’s complete, each taking place in a different room of the house. We’re building Rose Racer from the ground up to be a fun local multiplayer game for up to 4 players. There are items and power-ups to use during races, like Marbles and Jacks. And we’re even working on an arena battle mode! But at it’s core, Rose Racer is more then a multiplayer racing game. We want players to be able to explore the world of Rose and her friends, and get to know the characters they'll be racing with. So we decided to make a Story Mode for Rose Racer. That's right. A Story Mode, in a racing game! You and your friends will be able to play through 6 unique Stories, each staring a different character. And, each character will be voiced by some very talented voice actors.


Rose Racer was in development for about 8 months before going on hiatus. In that time lots of details were put into the gameplay, level design, character design, and overall look of the game. The game was Greenlit on Steam in late 2016, and development has started back in full swing for a Q1 2017 release on Steam Early Access.


  • Inspired by Mario Kart and Toy Story
  • Up to 4 player local multiplayer
  • BATTLE MODE!!! for up to 4 players
  • 6 unique characters
  • Each character has their Story in Story Mode
  • 6 race tracks
  • Developed using Unreal Engine 4


Rose Racer Kickstarter gameplay trailer YouTube


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Nacelle Games, LLC is an independent game studio in North Carolina that is Making The Games We Want To Play.

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Rose Racer Credits

Carrie B Daley
Lead Designer & Producer

Jonathan A Daley
Lead Programmer, Level Designer, & Technical Artist

Collette Curran
Concept & 2D Artist

Martin Gutierrez
Prop & Environment Artist

Peter Valencia
Character Artist & Animator

Tim Young
Prop & Environment Artist

Beth Hicks

Megan McDuffee

Amy Schiede
Voice of Rose & Emma

Evan Hyser
Voice of Ben, Tommy, & Announcer

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