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March 30, 2016

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Sticker Fun for Kids is fun for the whole family!! Spend some time in front of the TV being creative together! With this fun and creative app for Apple TV®, you use a variety of stickers to create your own picture, or try some fun Sticker Pages; where you must find the right stickers to finish creating a scene! Easy to use controls allow you to create amazing artwork with ease. Once you are done with your masterpiece, you can share it on Facebook! (with Parent's permission). Sticker Fun for Kids is free to download, and comes with 45 Free Stickers (a set of Starter Stickers and a set of Alphabet Stickers). There are Seven more Sticker Packs (155 Stickers in all) available through In-App Purchase. Just search for "Sticker Fun" in the Apple TV® App Store to download today!


Designed for kids 4 and under, Sticker Fun for Kids was inspired by the Kid Pix painting program and by the joy a child can have with a sticker book full of hundreds of stickers. Created from the ground up to take advantage of the Apple TV® and its unique remote, we hope kids and their families have as much fun creating art as we have when making Sticker Fun for Kids.


  • Made for kids 4 and under
  • Use the 200 stickers in Sticker Fun for Kids to create amazing artwork
  • Start with one of 10 Sticker Pages, or create your own artwork from scratch
  • Share your artful creations to Facebook (with parent's permission)


Sticker Fun for Kids launch trailer YouTube


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About Nacelle Games, LLC

Nacelle Games, LLC is an independent game studio in North Carolina that is Making The Games We Want To Play.

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Sticker Fun for Kids Credits

Carrie Daley
Design, Art, Sound, & Music; Nacelle Games, LLC

Jonathan Daley
Programming, Design, & UI/UX; Nacelle Games, LLC

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